We help you maintain the highest standard for food quality, safety, and sanitation in your kitchen!
Indy Food Safety L.L.C., (IFS) would like to welcome you into our family of restaurants, hotels, caterers, schools, nursing homes, and retail
food establishments.  Our food safety and sanitation professionals offer a variety of services that will raise your establishment's level of food
safety knowledge. Our services are designed to help prepare employees for regulatory inspections, unexpected food safety issues, and
sanitation concerns.
GROUP TRAINING advantages are student interactions and opportunity to meet other food service professionals.  Every effort will be made to
keep students from your food service establishment in the same classes. Classs begin at 9:30am and instruction typically is completed in two
hours.  After a brief break, the certification instrument is administered by a ServeSafe authorized proctor.  When you have completed that
document, you are free to leave.  Your score, results and certificate will be emailed to you as soon as possible.

INDIVIDUAL TRAININGS are available by appointment for those who may need additional time and attention to become ServeSafe Certified
or when urgent remediation of inspection issues is required. Conducted at your food service establishment, Indy Food Safety will work with your
trainee in a familiar environment, with familiar tools and in daily surroundings in a manner that facilitates enhanced learning. All topics included
on the ServeSafe test are covered, and the trainer, at the conclusion of the session, will administer the qualifying test and transmit it for grading.

TRAINING ON SITE is particularly helpful if an urgent need for rapid resolution to Health & Hospital issues exists; if there is a language barrier;
if the trainee has hearing difficulties; or if the trainee has an unusual learning style. While the all-inclusive cost for an on-site training is $500 for
the first two trainees, the intensity of the material and the advantage of learning where the work will occur adds memory cues and advantages
that enhance student retention and the overall learning experience.